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Anvil and Candle began in a small kitchen with a simple cup of coffee. After popping a coffee pod into my coffee maker, I glanced at my half used vanilla candle and noticed black soot caked around the container glass. I thought, what a waste of candle, I don't want to relight it with so much black on the jar. And that's when my coffee pod inspired me: I wanted to create a candle that is chemical free, that helps eliminate soot and create a reusable candle container.

Similar to the coffee pod and maker, Anvil and Candle's Candle System contains a candle that fits into a reusable candle holder. Instead of throwing out a soot covered glass jar, the candle holders are designed to safely house the candle cups and become a beautiful decor piece for your home. The candle holders are made with natural, plant-based materials that are completely biodegradable. 

My candles are hand-poured and made with American Soy Organics Wax which is a non-toxic and paraffin-free wax. It was very important to me to create a candle that was natural and not harmful to the environment or when lighting. Many candles contain chemicals and substances that create artificial smells that can be dangerous. These chemicals often contain Proposition 65 Warnings, which are cancer causing agents. Anvil and Candle products are completely natural, recyclable and chemical free.


It's important to me to have quality products in my life and that's what Anvil and Candle is all about. My candles and accessories are natural, eco-friendly and created with care. Subscribe to the Anvil and Candle email list for specials, sales and all your candle care needs!